Does sea moss interact with any medications?

Medications for overactive thyroid (antithyroid drugs) interact with SEA MOSS. Iodine can increase or decrease thyroid function. Taking SEAMOSS together with medications for overactive thyroid may change the effects of these medications. If you want to consume sea moss while you're taking medications, you'll need to avoid consuming it along with your medications.

For example, you can have a sea moss smoothie in the morning and wait a few hours to take your medications with lunch. Along with dust, this is the most common way to find sea moss on the market and usually the cheapest. If you're wondering what eating sea moss can do for your health, here are five reasons why you can add it to your next smoothie or supplement routine. While research supports the idea that sea moss has multiple benefits, you may still be wondering if the weight-loss claims in this regard are true.

The benefits of sea moss range from boosting the immune system, improving digestion, and potentially combating premature skin aging. Irish sea moss became particularly important for supplementing people's diets in the 19th century, during the potato famine in Ireland. You can buy sea moss at health food stores or online in many different forms, such as powder, capsules, gummies, dry or in gel form. Two tablespoons of sea moss can also contain up to 470 micrograms of iodine, a trace element that is essential for thyroid health.

Although sea moss is generally believed to be healthy for human consumption, certain side effects can occur. While definitive research on whether or not sea moss dilutes blood, a study has shown that it may thin the blood. One of the most popular claims about sea moss is that it's a great supplement to help accelerate weight loss. Some medications that can interact with sea moss include all anticoagulant medications, antihypertensive drugs, iodine supplements, medications for IBS, medications for ulcerative colitis, and some herbal supplements that thin the blood.

Sea moss may also interact with some medications, such as certain diuretics, antithyroid drugs, and ACE inhibitors to treat high blood pressure. Sea moss gel is generally made only from unprocessed seaweed, which keeps calories low and maintains the nutritional value of its ingredients. Sea moss can help you lose weight due to its carrageenan content, which can increase feelings of fullness, reduce body fat and improve the microbiota profile.

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