How many sea moss capsules should i take a day?

The general recommendation is to take one teaspoon of powdered sea moss or two capsules a day. However, some people may need to take more or less depending on their individual needs. As with any supplement, it's always best to talk to your healthcare provider before you start using sea moss to make sure it's safe for you. The recommended dose of Sea Moss capsules is 1000 mg per day.

Don't go much beyond that approximate amount. Sea moss also has antiviral properties that help fight respiratory infections, such as sore throats and even the flu. As an ingredient, sea moss gel transforms the texture of food and helps bind fats and liquid components in food. However, consuming too much sea moss will increase iodine intake, which can have adverse side effects.

Unfortunately, sea moss isn't regulated like prescription drugs, as it's sold in the market as dietary supplements. Sometimes, sea moss can also contain metals in its heaviest part, which aren't exactly the best for any of us. If the flavor of sea moss is too strong in a tincture, you can easily mix it with juice to mask the flavor. Remember that you'll benefit from all the health and wellness benefits that come with a glass of freshly brewed sea moss drink.

A dietician discusses what sea moss can do so you can decide if this thorny marine vegetable deserves a place in your diet. Sea moss has many health benefits for the body, including helping to fight bacterial and viral infections. Sea moss is a type of red algae also known as Irish moss (or Chondrus crispus, if you want to be formal about it). A study showed that Atlantic salmon that ate sea moss had a more efficient immune response than salmon that didn't.

However, you should keep in mind that the sea moss variety Chondrus crispus produces a darker gel, which may not be as pleasant as the gracilaria variety. There is a lot of research data on the health benefits of seaweed, the cousins of sea moss, but not specifically on sea moss.

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