What is the difference between real and fake sea moss capsules?

Real sea moss contains up to 99 of the 102 organic minerals that make up the human body, and wild real sea moss harvested in the ocean is used to create an authentic sea moss gel. The fake sea moss gel is not rich in minerals and is harmful to the human body. Sea moss collected in a pool is used to make fake sea moss gel. While real sea moss is darker in tone, fake sea moss is lighter.

Real sea moss comes in a variety of species, but they generally have a dark shade of gold, dark tan, or purple. Real sea moss has thin spaghetti-like stems, is usually golden, dark tan, or purple in color, and has a clear film of natural sea salt. Whereas artificial sea moss (grown in swimming pools) has thick stems, abnormally clear pigmentation and excessive amounts of added table salt. Artificial sea moss or cultivated in swimming pools, on the other hand, has a more precise alignment of its stems, something that seems to be put together manually or artificially, more similar to machine-packed stems, in a slightly more defined way.

Although I knew all the benefits of sea moss, I didn't know that there was a difference in authenticity that could make a difference in the nutrition you get. I watched some videos of the commercial production process of fake sea moss in China and was surprised to see how long it had probably done more harm than good to my body. Since sea moss grown in swimming pools has little or less nutrition, we can safely say that it can be more beneficial than anything in specific situations where what is extracted in nature cannot be accessed. Try to get a reputable supplier who is sure to harvest real sea moss because sometimes it can be very difficult to tell.

Wild sea moss obtains its minerals and vitamins by absorbing these nutrients directly from its environment. So what happens if you don't have access to the real deal? What benefits does sea moss grown in swimming pools offer your body? Like sea moss, it is isolated in swimming pools and cultivated there without the presence of other species of seaweed. As much more work is needed to obtain and supply sea moss from Caribbean coastal areas and islands, it becomes more expensive. You won't see this in sea moss grown in pools, as there are no marine creatures in the pools they grow in.

False sea moss, on the other hand, is a lighter shade of color, usually yellowish, whitish, or close tones. Since real sea moss grows on ocean rocks, it's natural to have sand and other things found on the ocean floor interspersed. Fake sea moss is also much cheaper to produce, so it's often used as a cheaper alternative than the real one. Many people are often concerned about the authenticity of the sea moss they buy and aren't sure who to trust, where to buy it, or if it's real.

In my experience, you won't get the same amount of energy with fake sea moss as you would with real sea moss. That's because sea moss grown in swimming pools can cause more harm than good because of its added table salt content.

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