Where can i buy sea moss capsules?

Sea moss contains higher levels of calcium to support healthy bone function and higher levels of iron to promote healthy skin and energy levels. Yes, you can take up to a quarter cup of Sea Moss gel a day, but the recommended dose is one or two tablespoons a day. For raw sea moss, the best way to take it is to make sea moss gel and mix it into smoothies or juices. Fucus (also known as black algae, spirit marine or sea oak) is a type of brown algae found along the coasts.

Trying to eat sea moss without mixing it with anything else is not recommended because of the strong seaweed flavor. The high iodine levels in Sea Moss and Bladderwrack can help moderate thyroid hormones regulate body metabolism. While sea moss and fucus may not directly cause you to lose weight, they can promote healthy weight loss.

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